The Dangers of Allowing North Peoria to Grow Their Own Medical Marijuana

While medical marijuana is legal in Illinois, growing it is not. Recent legislation to change that failed.  Other attempts may surface, but North Peoria residents should familiarize themselves with the dangers of growing medical marijuana and they can get this advice at any substance addiction North Peoria center.

Controlling a controlled substance

Marijuana contains over 400 chemicals.  For medical purposes, scientists have been working to tailor marijuana plants to best help fight pain and treat chronic health conditions, and evidence exists that suggests different strains of marijuana better suit different conditions.  Marijuana plants differ greatly in their potency as well.  A medical dispensary must follow state regulations and submit to testing.  Home grows face risks, such as:

  • Unregulated plants that may not be the product prescribed by their doctor. Without 3rd-party verification the home-grower cannot verify that he has the intended plant. There are several varietals, each with differing chemical structure and properties.
  • Unregulated potency, which may not be the potency to treat his medical condition. Plants grown at home have many variables, altering the efficacy of the plant, possibly increasing the likelihood of overdose.
  • Increased possibility of theft. While of course someone’s supply purchased from a legal dispensary could be stolen, the likelihood is no higher than theft of other prescription medications.  However, conditions alter with a home-grown supply.  Like other plants, marijuana requires care and sunlight.  It cannot be locked in a medicine cabinet.  With theft of prescription medications being one of the most common ways teenagers abuse drugs, having a homegrown supply creates additional risk for the patient’s family and neighbors.  Since growing marijuana is itself a crime, a theft of the supply would not be a prosecutable offense.

Overdosing on marijuana

The biggest risk of unregulated marijuana is, of course, overdose.  Symptoms include: paranoia, fear and anxiety, shortness of breath, vomiting and/or nausea, increased heart rate, disorientation or hallucination.  Though symptoms are likely to be short-term, long-term effects and even death have been documented (most likely in cases with other pre-existing medical conditions, such as those who may be prescribed medical marijuana). It is possible to become addicted to marijuana and certainly any other drug but with the help of the drug rehab North Peoria, they are in place to help you counter these affects and live a healthy sober lifestyle if marijuana or any drug gets out of hand for you.

With marijuana legal in a couple of states, and medical marijuana legal in about half of the states in the country, Illinois faces increased pressure to legalize at-home growing of medical marijuana. If ever someone gets addicted to marijuana and aren’t using it for medical reasons, then they should seek a drug rehab in North Peoria for further assistance. Supporters generally site the decreased cost of growing one’s own supply, but North Peoria residents should familiarize themselves with the risks of homegrown marijuana and continue to fight legislation that would legalize it.

How Can Fruit Dates Help You Lose Weight


Medjool Dateare a rich source of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and iron. This makes them a great source of providing nutrition. They are a natural remedy for the cure of blood deficiency or anemia and also great to be used as a perfect diet supplement. They are a natural guard and protect against serious ailments by improving the immune system. Added to all these benefits is the weight loss function of the fruit dates.

Below are some ways that Dates in general can help you lose weight:

Dates reduce appetite by giving a feeling of fullness: Dates are full of nutrients. They are a storehouse of vitamins and an equally great supply of minerals like selenium, magnesium, and copper etc. Dates also have an extensive deposit of soluble and insoluble fibers that give a feeling of fullness and quench the appetite. Thus, a few dates c=are enough to control the hunger pangs, thus avoiding the conditions leading to overeating.

Laxative Property: A healthy digestive system is necessary for controlling the eating habits. One way of stimulating the digestive metabolism is to treat the constipation. Dates have proved their efficiency in smooth bowel system, thus improving digestion and lessening the appetite leading to weight loss.

Stimulated digestion: Dates help in treating issues related to digestive and intestinal problems. Nicotine, an important ingredient in dates is the stimulant for this remedial job. Nicotine is a great defense against harmful bacteria and supports the life of good bacteria. Thus, they are active stimulants of digestion and help in reducing the weight.

High energy reservoir: Dates are great energy food. Although, they are low in calories, but have multiplied energy impact. They are the storage of the natural sugars like fructose and glucose, which result in the instant energy. Instead of having carbohydrate rich foods it is better to eat dates that help in reducing the weight.

No fat and Tran’s fat: Medjool dates do not have any cholesterol and Trans Fats, which are weight increasing agents. The tasteful and tempting dates have no fats to add to your fat or your weight. Due to fat free nature, they are considered as the whole diet. It is a rich deposit of nutrients, but still a great way to lose weight

Dietary supplement:  Anyone on strict diet can enjoy dates without either getting extra nutrients or losing any essential ones. With dates the concept of dieting to lock the mouth changes. Crash dieting program leads to carbohydrate craving which can contribute to weight, while dates will help you get nutrients without adding extra weight or unnecessary calories.

 Fat breakdown: Dates are rich in cardiac strengtheners like Potassium and Sulfur which do the additional task of breaking down the fats into simple compounds. Thus, dates are a complete health insurance program. The early morning date intake keeps the body metabolized all through the day.
The dates are great as a source of energy and as a metabolic stimulant. Try the flavors of dates to cut your weight.


How Skokie Can Help Prevent Drug or Alcohol Related Car Fatalities

It was found recently that no less than half of the teen and young adult drivers who die in car crashes are under the influence of either pot, alcohol, or both. This was found out by a new study done in states where toxicology screening for accident victims is routine and normal indeed. This has certainly been a strong issue in Skokie, a Chicago suburb that has one of the worst under the influence automobile accident epidemics in the nation.

What’s more though, the increasing legalization and availability of marijuana does not seem likely to push alcohol use aside. And only to add to it, the issue apparently just couldn’t get any worse with the simple fact that marijuana use is just as likely to cause a car crash as alcohol is.   The crash victims in the study who were over the age of 21, (and of legal drinking age as a result of that), were more likely than younger victims to have used both marijuana and alcohol prior to their crash. However, youth alcohol abuse and car crashes are certainly on its way up.

Given the very, very rapid changes currently underway in marijuana availability and permissibility in the United States, it becomes of the utmost importance to be able to understand the effects of drug control policies on substance use and abuse and the behavior and adverse health outcomes, (such as fatal motor vehicle crashes), has never been more important as they are now, especially in towns like Skokie. Sometimes individuals don’t just need a drug rehabilitation Skokie center for drug overdoses and abuse, sometimes it’s more than just that because they are hurting their loved ones or people around them. When an individual consumes drugs and they get into an accident and there are consequences like death, joining a drug rehab Chicago Illinois would be a great idea in attempts to solve this. Solving problems like this can easily be done at any drug rehab in southern Illinois with hard work and dedication in order to reduce the dangers of substances abuse in correlation with driving.

The Dangers of Substance Abuse and Driving

Car crashes are sadly but truthfully the leading cause of death of persons between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five in the United States and driving under the influence is a major cause of such accidents. In fact, the vast majority of such accidents are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or some other type of drug. Not every state conducts routine toxicology tests on car crash victims right after the accident, but those that do have come up with alarming results for just how prevalent of an epidemic that this really is. For example, a 2012 study in the journal, “Addiction”, found that more than seventy percent of the drivers in this age group who died were on some kind of mind-altering substance, usually alcohol.

So what can the residents of Skokie do to try and stop this issue? The best preventative method is a two part process. The first part of the process is to stiffen discipline on the law of the land. This would require law enforcement officials in and around Skokie to really, really, really crack down on under the influence driving in the area. The next part is raising public awareness. This is a grassroots campaign that is essentially done to really drive the point home to all concerned that yes, this is a major issue, it is causing a lot of trouble in the nation and in Skokie, right now, and it’s up to the local residents to do their part to make sure that it becomes a thing of the past.


Discover the Perfect Daily Diet For You!

Being healthy doesn’t only mean a disease free life. It encapsulates a life that is not only disease or ailment free but also a lifestyle that keeps one fit till long. There is no overnight procedure to attain health but it’s a steady process comprising of the perfect daily diet along with regular exercise.

Being on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean starving or skipping meals but choosing the right stuff to eat and at the right time. Superficially, one’s daily diet includes 3 main meals -breakfast, lunch and dinner. But we often miss out that the tit-bits or snacks we munch on throughout the day are not excluded from the diet and when consumed in excess cause weight-gain.

It has been observed that people who consume small meals a day keeping a gap of 2-3 hours gain less weight as compared to those who stick to 3 heavy meals. Also, one should design their daily diet according to their body needs and pre-existing medical conditions. Breakfast is a must and can include whole-wheat or multigrain bread/eggs/skimmed milk/sugar-free cereals/honeyed green-tea, etc. For lunch as well as dinner one could opt for clear soups/grilled chicken or vegetable sandwich/ low-fat wraps/lean meats, etc. In between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner one can choose from nuts/buttermilk/fresh fruit juices/popcorn/puffed-rice/yogurt, etc. Treat yourself with a piece of chocolate or sweetmeat once in a while.

Thus, the perfect daily diet is about striking a balance in the various nutrients that make up our meals. Losing weight is more about your diet than it is about exercise, and including easy weight loss foods in your everyday diet is the most convenient way to lose those extra pounds. Unfortunately, many people confuse weight loss diet plans with crash diets, and resort to starvation in order to lose weight and reduce fat in their bodies.

While it is true that reducing excessive fat in the body is not only the key to losing weight, but is also central to maintaining a healthy body, you can make that happen by adopting easy weight loss foods in your diet plan, which are rich in antioxidants and stimulate the natural metabolism of your body to burn the fat.

Following the right kind of food sources which will prove beneficial to your cause can actually make the weight loss process very easy, which is unfortunately contrary to its general perception. You do not necessarily have to inflict pain on your body to assure your mind that you are making progress towards losing weight. In fact, such unnatural weight loss tactics can be potentially dangerous for your health, and have no effect on your weight in the long term.

You can find such perfect diet plans which help you in identifying and adopting easy weight loss foods in your diet, in order to effectively help you with reducing excessive fat in your body. However, finding a reliable guide is not easy these days, and you should consult a quality review website to be able to choose the right one.

The Lazy Persons Guide To Perfect Health

Being healthy does not necessarily mean you have to spend hours a day in the gym and plan out each days meals to the last grain of rice on your plate. Obtaining a healthy body could be fun and hassle-free. In fact that is exactly the way it should be.

It is important to note that being healthy does not only consist of looking good on the outside. You can have a great body and still be on the brink of a heart attack. In order to be truly healthy three criteria need to be covered: mind, body and spirit.

This article only covers the “body” section of this important triad.

The Body:

Ever have a resolution to start building a body everyone on the beach will stare at with wonderous awe only to lose that initial drive and will power within a week or two? You most certainly must have otherwise you probably would not be reading this lazy guide right now!

Why does that initial will to succeed in building a great body dissipate just as suddenly as it began? The answer is simply this: Eventhough exercise makes you feel good and all those feel-good endorphins are released while you are working out, the body just was not designed to undergo extended periods of day in and day out torture.

A diet that does not support your new found will for hitting the gym is also a major contributor to you feeling listless and depleted after a couple of days.

So now I have told you everything you should not to and I have not been very helpful towards reaching your goals, have I!

Here, listed for your convenience, are the steps you could follow to create a new, good looking and energetic you:

1) There is a saying about what you eat walks today walks around tomorrow. This is one of those simple truths that everyone seems to overlook. This does not mean sticking to a strict diet that is so time consuming you do not even have time to enjoy your new found self. Here is the best part – You do not even have to give up meat to achieve this.

Here is what you do: Make your hands into fists and put them together. This is how much you can eat in a single meal without overdoing it. Half of your meal (about one fists worth) should be protein – Steak, mince, fish, chicken or basically any other type of meat or protein source you like. The other half of your meal should include healthy carbohydrates otherwise you will feel depleted after a day or two. This includes rice or potatoes or something along those lines. Remember it is not healthy anymore when it is fried in oil, so make sure you bake that potato!

Ideally you should get yourself a steam cooker as this is the healthiest, easiest way to cook a meal. You simply add your meat and potato and some spices, steam for 20 – 30 minutes and enjoy a great tasting, healthy meal.

2) Do not exceed the above described quantity per meal as this is the amount your body can successfully process in about two hours time. If you are hungry within 2 – 3 hours of having your last meal it is time to congratulate yourself, because this means that metabolism of yours has just been kick-started and is working at 110%. Award yourself by eating another meal as described above.

I am kidding, right? How can you keep eating but keep losing unwanted weight. This is probably the most mind-boggling trick bodybuilders use to build massive bodies full of muscle yet have percentages of bodyfat well below 10%.

If you keep eating this way you can eat 5 – 8 meals a day while still shedding fat. That means never going hungry again to lose weight and no more crash diets. Crash dieting actually tells your body there is a food scarcity and it should therefore preserve all fat for the future. That is why you lose 10 pounds on a crash diet and then gain 15 when you start eating again, and lets face it – you have to start eating again sometime. This also explains why you can lose weight while eating 5 – 8 healthy meals per day.

3) If you are a working person preparing healthy meals each day can be real difficult. This does not mean you can not still get your dream body. Visit your nearest nutritional store and ask for a meal replacement shake. Explain your lifestyle to the knowledgeable person assisting you and they will give you the perfect meal replacement shake for your specific needs. These shakes are probably one of the greatest inventions for a healthy body ever created – They can be made with water, taste like milkshakes and contain all the vitamins and minerals your body needs from a meal and do not contain any unhealthy fats. Imagine that – you get to drink a milkshake that makes you lose weight.
Do however not totally replace solid foods in your diet however convenient this may be, because your digestive system needs some solid stuff to process from time to time.

4) Get yourself a multivitamin. These contain all the vitamins your body needs and usually comes in a tablet form. You take one in the morning and presto – Your body will be working at maximum efficiency to get rid of toxins so you should soon have so much energy you will feel and probably look 10 years younger. You will also get sick less often.

5) Do some cardio. You have to get your heart going once in a while. This will help for better blood circulation and stop you from getting a heart attack.

Cardio does not need to involve hours of jogging until you puke, you just need to know when to do it.

As soon as you get up in the morning, drink a glass of water only and go for a walk around the block. Enjoy the scenery while your body burns the pounds away. You do not have any food in your stomach at this time so your body is burning pure fat for energy. All this amounts to just 10 minutes of effort two or three days each week. If you do not like walking outside you may want to consider buying a treadmill. If you are on a tight budget, just get a platform about 15 inches high and do step-ups in front of the television. If you have a partner in health you can take up a hobby like golf or squash.

6) Do weight training on occasion. Contrary to popular belief you will not look like Arnold Swartzeneggar in a week ladies (Looking like that takes years of careful planning, dieting, exercising and a lot of dedication!).

Weight training is a great way of getting a lean, tight body by isolating and burning off the fat in specific targeted areas.

7) Make sure you drink lots of water. Water is natures little magic potion. When taken into consideration that our bodies are made up mostly of water, it makes sense to say that lots of fresh water needs to be taken in for our bodies to stay healthy and function at an optimum level of efficiency.

The Alkaline Diet – Granting You Perfect Health

What is the alkaline diet? This diet goes by many names. It is also known as the alkaline acid diet and the acid alkaline diet. It emphasizes on mainly eating fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, tubers, legumes, root crops, and on occasion fish. By practicing this diet, you prevent the hazards caused by acidity from eating acidic foods.

Going back to our more ancient past, man relied on wild vegetation and wild animals for food. When agriculture was discovered, we now had other means of sustaining ourselves aside from hunting and foraging. After the development of stone tools, grains could easily be consumed. When rolling and sifting devices were developed, refined grains entered the picture. After domesticating animals for livestock, meat and dairy products were in abundance. When we discovered salt mines, salt for flavoring became popular. As the industrial revolution took place, sugar was in demand. Today, we find more ways to produce more food items that would surely overwhelm our ancestors.

However, the advancements in manufacturing, processing, and mass production took its toll on our health. The very food that was supposedly meant to feed and nourish us is the cause of our own demise.

Whenever we digest food, it is either causes alkalinity or acidity. The two should share a certain balance. Sadly, the modern food that we eat is more acidic than it is alkaline.

Our blood must be slightly alkaline at all times. Whenever it shifts to acidic, this is when we experience a variety of health problems. These health problems are hypertension, heart problems, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Every disease known to mankind is caused by acidity.

Today, there are many reasons why individuals indulge in the alkaline diet. Some use it as a preventive measure against diseases. Some use it as a cure for their condition. Some simply use it to lose the unwanted pounds. There is one thing that they have in common, and that is to get healthy.

This diet can do a lot for you. It can increase your energy levels; it prevents the production of mucus; it prevents and cures nasal congestion; it prevents and cures common illnesses such as influenza; it alleviates sensations like anxiety and irritability; it is a cure for and prevents chronic headaches, it prevents the recurrence of cancer, and it prevents the disease from ever happening.

The medical world is still divided when it comes to validating the diet’s effectiveness. However, they cannot deny the hazards caused by western influenced diets. These diets are mostly acid forming foods, which is the reason why more and more people from western influenced countries are experiencing health risks.

Finding the Perfect Health Diet

Going on a perfect health diet will work wonders for you. It will provide you the kind of body you always wanted to acquire. A health diet will also work towards keeping you healthy and stay away from several health related problems such as obesity, bad cholesterol levels and build up of toxic elements.

However, finding out a perfect diet for yourself is a hard nut to crack. It requires a good amount of hard work on the part of individual to find out the perfect diet that suits his or her body type. This has become all the more difficult with hundreds of companies claiming to provide best of health products and thousands of health clubs promising to provide you the best health diet chart. Don’t worry you can find out what suits and works for you with some easy tips.

Here are some great tips to find out a healthy diet that works for you:

a) Research

If you have decided to go on a diet, the first thing you need to do is to research. You should carefully consider all the options available. Visit libraries, websites and read up on almost all kinds of diet options available. Since, there are a hundreds of diet options to opt from. You need to know the differences between all the diets. This will provide you great help for finding out the best diet that suits your specific health requirements.

b) Diet varies

Everyone is different and every person’s diet requirements vary according to a number of factors. Each person has different height, weight, health and level of activity. All these factors play a great role in the type of diet that will suit a person. You need to look for a diet that’s meant for your body type.

c) Consult a professional

This is very important if you want a diet that works for you in possible way. A doctor is the best person to provide you the diet chart according to the health state you are currently in. You may also visit a specialist or a nutritionist prior to going on a diet.

d) Nutritional Diet Plan
Make sure that you don’t go for a crash diet. The health diet you adopt should be nutritional and capable of providing you all the vital ingredients required to keep you healthy. Going on a health diet doesn’t mean that you require to torture your body with hunger pang. Nourish your body with nutritional elements minus the fat.

e) Tasty meal plan

Going on a health diet does not mean that you kill your taste buds. A lot of people think that one needs to eat tasteless food when going on a weight loss program. It is not easy to ask a person to abstain from streets or anything that has been exciting his task buds for a long time. It just means that you require to reduce the amount of calories you take instead of giving up on your favorite food items totally. Try to create a food plan that includes your food preferences. It will make it much easier for you to succeed on the diet.

f) Physical activity

Once you have chosen a health diet plan for yourself, you can be sure that you are on the road to weight loss soon. However, you also require to make sure that you work out to make your plan successful.

Perfect Health Through the Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet By Definition

The alkaline diet, acid alkaline diet, or alkaline acid diet is a type of diet that focuses on the consumption of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, root crops, tubers, legumes, nuts, and occasionally fish. By indulging in this type of diet, it s believed by the diet’s practitioners that we prevent the dangers of acidity.

Going Back To The Past

Prehistoric man consumed a diet that bears little similarities from the diets we consume today. Their diets consisted of wild vegetation and meat from prey. After the discovery of agriculture about 10,000 years ago, this diet changed.

After stone tools were developed, grains became a viable food source. Once sifting and rolling devices were invented, refined grains were introduced. Dairy products were discovered when animals were domesticated, and so did the amount of readily available meat sources. Salt for flavoring was also discovered. During the industrial revolution, sugar as a sweetener became ever so popular.

The Reality

Food when digested is either acidic or alkaline. There should be a balance between the two. Unfortunately, due to the advancements of agriculture and the way we process food, and progress, we consume more acidic food types compared to alkaline. The process that was supposed to keep us well fed is sadly the cause of our own demise.

Blood flowing through our veins should be maintained slightly alkaline. The pH levels in blood should ideally be at 7.35 to 7.45. Practitioners of the alkaline diet adamantly state that you are what you eat. This simply means that acidic food paves the way to diseases like diabetes and cancer, and alkaline forming food paves the way to perfect health.

Reasons For Practicing Alkaline Diets

There are various reasons why people choose to go on an alkaline diet. Some go on the diet to lose weight. Some practice the diet to get through an illness. Some practice the diet to lower the acidity levels in their body. Some do it for all of these reasons. In any case, they choose to go on the diet to improve their health and wellbeing.

Here are those reasons:

* Increase energy levels
* Prevention of mucus production
* Cure and prevention of nasal congestion
* Cure and prevention of illnesses like influenza
* Cure for irritability and anxiety
* Cure and prevention of chronic headaches
* Prevention of the relapse of serious diseases like cancer

True, the medical world fails to validate the effectiveness of the diet. However, one fact remains. The acid forming western diets is the main cause of serious diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Therefore, we can safely surmise that the an alkaline diet is the way to perfect health.